• Dongwon Systems Bottle Packaging Division

    Dongwon Systems Bottle Packaging Division, which first entered the glass bottle industry in 1956 and led the domestic glass bottle industry with the best technology, entered the PET business in 1987 and merged Doosan Can co,. which led the metal packaging industry in 1998. As the longest company in the domestic industry, it has grown into a comprehensive packaging company with maximum supply, outstanding technology, and quality.
    In addition, We are entered Aseptic business in 2019 and we are leading the innovation and change continuously as a leading company in the rapidly changing packaging market.

  • Outline

    Dongwon Systems Bottle Packaging Division was the first Korean company to localize aluminum bottles (previously they were imported) a new metal packaging container, and made bold investments to expand the can lines and glass bottle melting furnaces, and thus secured its position as the industry leader. It is a long-time partner of a global companies such as AB Inbev (OB Beer) and Coca-Cola and large domestic companies such as Lotte, Hite, Dong-A Otsuka, and Ottogi etc. We supply 30% of the domestic demand.

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    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000,

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Business area

  • Glass bottle

    As an industry leader that supplies 40% of the glass bottles in Korea, we have been a long-standing partner of major Korean corporations as well as leading global corporations and are contributing to the growth of client companies by offering a wide variety of capacities and colors. We use superior technology and ensure high quality.

    We technical cooperate with Toyo Glass, a world-class bottle manufacturer, we became the first in Korea to reduce the weight of one-way bottles using NNPB(narrow neck press blow) technology, and developed new colors for our bottles, such as Cobalt Blue and Sky blue.

    We are the only company in Korea to have a broad supply system covering the liquor, food & beverage and pharmaceutical markets. We are now using our advanced technologies to produce bottles of various colors, including Flint, Amber and Emerald Green, and various sizes ranging from 50ml to 5L. Every year we produce 260,000 tons of glass bottles, which is the largest production quantity in Korea.

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  • Aluminum Can

    We have led the changes and growth in the can market by introducing 2-piece aluminum can production and bottle-can facilities in Korea and adventurously developing new technologies. We are also supplying 25% of the cans in Korea by working with global corporations (AB InBev and Coca-Cola etc.) and major Korean corporations.

    2 Piece Can

    Our Icheon and Gwangju factories are producing 2.6 billion aluminum cans a year. As we are producing various capacities of can, we can meet customer demands in a timely fashion. In particular, we expanded the Gwangju factory in 2015 and 2018, and greatly improved our production capacity and quality.

    Our high-quality service and price competitiveness made us the selected partner of many liquor/beverage companies (AB Inbev, OB, HITEJInro, Coca-Cola, woongjin, Dongsuh, etc.).

    Bottle Can

    The bottle can, which we are producing for the first time in Korea, is a bottle-shaped aluminum can. It is an excellent packaging design that adds portability because it can be resealed. The design maximizes the prestige of the beverages they contain. As a pioneer in the growth of the domestic BTC

    market capable of producing 150 million cans a year, we have been leading the spread of various capacities and contents other than coffee, and we will increase our market growth by continuous investments.

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  • PET Bottle

    We have taken a pioneering role in the Korean packaging industry by introducing PET bottles to Coca-Cola Korea and launching a one-piece soda bottle through independent technical development and it is leading the domestic packaging industry by commercializing PET bottles and Preform using recycled PET materials.

    Our light, transparent, and easy-to-use PET bottles are recognized by our clients for their best quality and price competitiveness.

    we maximize the production capacity of Preform for heat-resistant, carbonated, and bottled water bottles by introducing various injection facilitie

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  • Aseptic drinks

    Aseptic drinks are the production of safe products by creating, maintaining, and filling and sealing sterilized containers with sterile contents.
    Aseptic charging consists of facilities that completely sterilize microorganisms growing in food at ultra-high temperatures and package them aseptic.

    Our factory are located in a clean area of Gangwon-do.
    We are available to develop a design that reflects customer needs,

    develop drinks through Pilot facilities, and produce drinks suitable for HACCP and GMP.

    product support
    +82-2-589-4150, 4160

    Contact us with any questions about
    our products, we’re ready to help.

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